Small Law Firms

As the founders have worked at small companies and law firms, they understand the how attempting to keep a small law firm’s technology up-to-date while still managing a law practice is difficult.  We also recognize how daunting of a task it is with all of the technology available to decide how to spend limited resources on huge technological decisions.  LFO recognizes these problems, and offers a viable, cost effective solution – which does not require a huge investment in IT hardware.

LFO is offering a turn-key IT solution to storage and document management for law firms.  LFO has invested in the infrastructure, established trusted vendors (primarily Microsoft who hosts LFO’s clients information), and spreads the cost associated with designing and maintaining the solution across all of its clients.  Therefore, LFO’s clients are given the same resources used at many major law firms, fortune 500 companies, and the US Government, at a fraction of the cost.

LFO offers the service on a monthly subscription basis, which pays for itself within a few months based on the savings realized from no longer needing to pay to maintain on-site servers.