Med. Law Firms

LFO understands the continual effort medium sized law firms have to keep pace with the fast changing technology available.  This effort involves a huge price – in terms of time, resources, and actual out of pocket costs associated with hardware and software.  LFO’s turn-key software was developed to solve these issues facing medium sized law firms.  The software is based on Microsoft’s SharePoint, a very powerful software that until now has only been available to the largest law firms, corporations and governments.  LFO’s model allows it to spread the costs of developing and maintaining the software for law firms across many different firms.  With LFO there is also no need to purchase any additional hardware or software – all that is needed is a computer with an internet connection.  Think of LFO as your outsourced IT professional.

  • Difficult to collaborate between attorneys in different offices or states
  • Difficult to access documents when at court or away from the office
  • Difficult to locate the document you need
  • Difficult to search firm-wide for a motion similar to the one you are working on
  • Difficult to give attorney’s access to firm files while they are working away from the office
  • Hard to share files with clients
  • Huge outlays for software and hardware that seems to be outdated in three year

LFO provides a solution to these problems faced by firms.  LFO has modified SharePoint to address needs of law firms.  There is no need to purchase a server or additional hardware – all that is needed to use LFO’s software is a computer and Internet access.   LFO provides the following:

  • Remote and secure access to all case files
  • Document management
  • Collaboration resources – shared discussion boards and calendars
  • Automatically link Outlook to case calendars
  • Automatically receive emails when new documents are saved to a particular case or the case calendar is changed
  • Files are fully searchable
  • Document versioning
  • Ability to give clients access to select folders within their case so they can access the documents through the Internet 24/7

LFO offers the service on a monthly subscription basis, which pays for itself within a few months based on the savings realized from no longer needing to pay to maintain on-site servers.