What We

We know the difficulties facing small and medium firms – especially the technical aspects of running a firm.  There is a constant sales pitch from IT professionals to spend $10,000 or more on a server, which requires continual maintenance, and will need to be replaced within 3 to 5 years.  This leaves the lawyer running the firm confused about what avenue to take and what hardware and software to purchase because it is such a huge outlay of resources and it will probably bind the firm to continue to live with that decision for many years out due to the resources spent.

The solution LFO offers is very unique.  Given the development of the cloud, this huge resource commitment is no longer necessary.  This is great for firms as they no longer have to invest in the infrastructure up front, which means they have more flexibility in changing what technology they are using in the future.  Also, leveraging of costs LFO is able to provide across its client base allows its clients to spend about as much as it would cost to pay an IT professional to maintain an in-office server – for the entire solution.

LFO is a partner with Microsoft, and its software is based on Microsoft’s Sharepoint.  This is a tested software, that many large corporations, law firms, and governments currently use for their document management solution.  LFO developed the software to better work in the law firm environment.  For example, by basing its software on Sharepoint, LFO offers clients the following:

  • Store all case files on a secure server, accessible over the internet.
  • All content – Word documents, PDFs – are all searchable across the entire site.
  • Previous versions of all documents are automatically saved.
  • RSS feeds or updates when new files are placed in a case folder. Set updates to notify you immediately, or at the end of the day to ensure you see all activity for any given case your firm is handling.
  • Share calendars firm wide for each case.
  • Discussion board feature allows lawyers across the firm to keep each other informed about developments in the case.  The discussion board is specific for each case, and creates a chronological record of the development of issues and facts during the case.


Pricing is set depending on the number of lawyers and staff of the firm and the amount of data storage that the firm requires.  LFO charges a monthly fee, and this fee typically can be within the amount a firm would be paying to an IT professional to only maintain an in-office server.  This results in a huge savings for clients because they are no longer required to pay for server infrastructure, server software, and upgrades to server infrastructure every three to five years.  In addition, there is no longer a need to worry about the costs and issues associated with setting up a VPN to access files away from the office. Because the firm’s information is stored safely on the cloud, it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.